Fellowship Times

Main Service: Sundays 11am

Firestarters Course: Mondays in April

Intercession: Training Nights and Prayer Tuesdays 7pm

School of the Supernatural: Wednesdays -7pm

Xperience Youth: Wednesdays - 7pm

Current Events 

We have cancelled our Sunday 11am service along with our Love After Marriage Course and Loving Our Kids On Purpose Course this Sunday night.  We have a podcast you can listen to at www.eaglemountainfellowship.org

We appreciate you all!  Stay warm! 

Feb. 1st - 5pm: Love After Marriage Introductory Session: This is a session that will help you understand more clearly what this course is about and what it will require. 

Feb. 8th - 2:30pm: Intercession Orientation: This meeting is for those who come to Intercession times on a regular basis and for those who are looking to learn what Intercession is all about here at EMF.  We are excited to share our focus and where we are going in 2015.  

Feb. 13th - 6:30pm: Firestarters Course: Firestarters is a 12 week course designed to assist you in becoming a modern-day revivalist; to become a world-changer and history maker in whatever sphere of influence God has placed you, whether in business, school, neighborhood, community, or home. The goal is to equip, empower, and activate you in a Kingdom lifestyle so that you learn to live naturally, supernatural. Sign up online at www.eaglemountainfellowship.org. Book is required for the course and will not be provided. 

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